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The Tech Central report features insights from Level39's 220 high-growth technology companies who are shaping the future of financial services. 

 Level39 members are working within FinTech, Machine Learning, AI, Cyber Security, Big Data, Blockchain & Digital Banking.

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Level39 consists of 210 high-tech member companies. We have 85,000 sq. ft. in Canary Wharf and also run hundreds of technology events.

Key Findings From The Report

FinTech Trends

Fintech and Machine Learning will attract the most investment over the next five years.

Financial institutions need to invest in Cybersecurity and Data Science most urgently.


 Digital Future

90% of our community believe London can create a critical mass of successful start-ups.

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One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E145AB   0203 668 3600