We're launching a programme to help corporates and startups work together sustainably. Designed for Startup CEOs, corporate innovation departments, product managers, venture teams and more.

Q3 2019   |  Level39, Canary Wharf 

Ollie Graham-Yooll

Growth and Innovation Manager

SIA Partners

Corporate Ventures. Corporate Development. Digital Strategy. M&A Strategy. Inzenka, Civica, Fujitsu.

Standalone 'Corporate Innovation' events don't cover the necessary content. Innovation Communities tend to have a commercial agenda. The Innovation Commons solves that problem. 

Under the stewardship of industry leaders and practitioners, we're creating a common space for buyers, entrepreneurs, and advisors to share what works and what doesn't in corporate innovation. 

We're building a common language and process of engagement, designed to foster healthy commercial relationships - free from theatrics. 

Asif Faruque

Head of Communications

Content. SME and Corporate Communications Strategy. Level39. Finextra.

Level39 - a world-leading technology community home to ~200 emerging startups and scaleups, getting to market faster with the support of Canary Wharf Group.

A series of 6 workshop style events, led by industry leaders and moderated by Level39. 

A trusted community bridging the gap between corporate and startup partnerships. 6 sessions, delivered over 3 months. Content continuously refined in workshop sessions culminating in a handbook of best practice and code of ethics. 

Status Quo: Why isn't it working?

Commercials: What can I make from it?

Corporate Venturing: How much and when?

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session 3

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Sessions, networking and meetups take place at Level39, One Canada Square, London, E14 5AB.

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Join us in a three-month programme of focused sessions, tailored for its participants. Neutral, non-commercial, honest and constructive.

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session 4

Launchpad: What do I need next?

session 5

session 6

Theatre: How do we sell it?

Sponsors: Who's going to pay for it?

The Doers

These are your guides to getting it done. These seasoned professionals will be leading sessions over the course of the 3-month programme, running workshops and shaping the content.

The 'Do-ers' - our initial team of advisors and teachers have led strategy and delivery across Finance, FMCG, Technology and Software. They have typically been both buyer, and customer, and understand the nuances of the commercial relationship. 

They are encouraged to be humble, reflective and neutral. There's no commercial agenda to the Commons and Doers have nothing to sell. 

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